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David tries to find the humanity and profundity in the commonplace. He writes on a variety of topics.

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How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization

Maybe intellectuals have always been persecuted and shoved in lockers, but something in my gut tells me we’re at a low point 

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Clear Thinking for Great Copy, Part 4: Editing to Perfection

I want to save you from the pain I know too well. Learn how to edit, so you can love your work.

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Clear Thinking for Great Copy, Part 3: Building the Right Paragraph

A paragraph fails when the sentences, while they make sense as individual units, do not connect in a logical or meaningful way.

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Clear Thinking for Great Copy, Part 2: Crafting the Right Sentence

If you can write a solid sentence, you have my respect.

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Clear Thinking for Great Copy, Part 1: Choosing the Right Word

Writing is hard because our ideas don't always line up conveniently.

Timthumb article

How You Can Save Western Civilization by Reading True Grit

You may see it as a comedy, but I cannot laugh with you.

7 simple tips to improve your writing 1 540x160 article
The Idea Grove

7 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Writing

Wordiness is a crime against common sense.

Open uri20140521 638 1291wgq article

How Craft Beer (Finally) Came to Dallas

Three brewers navigated the city's red tape to open the first microbreweries.

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Blessed Are the Beermakers

Cheers to those keeping North Texas' mugs full of Buffalo Butt and Blood and Honey.

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Beer Me

Just enough info to sound like you know what you’re talking about

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The Huffington Post

How a Road Trip Set to a Beatles Soundtrack Made Me a Better Ex ...

Everyone has a talent. Apparently, I give good divorce.

Open uri20130625 25238 1m1qv4b article

Why City Slicker David Mitchell Has 'Gone Country'

An ex-real estate investor finds new life owning the Sleepy Sheep Ranch in Whitewright.

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Larry Brown Just Can't Stop

The remaking of SMU basketball with the game's most persistent coach.

Open uri20130625 10581 1qh1fow article

Strings Attached

Before Rozanne DeLoach’s father died, he gave her a career in music.

Open uri20140319 1332 sje5wb article
UT Arlington Magazine

The Tracks of Progress

Railroads are a conspicuous fact of Arlington life.